Welcome to our new Organizational Development and Training Coordinators!

It’s been a few months already, but we haven’t announced it officially! We want to give a big COCo welcome to Emilia and Pascale, our two new Organizational Development and Training Co-coordinators. They are the ones fielding all of your organizational development requests with finesse, consideration and a lot of non-profit experience.

As a researcher and facilitator, Emilia has been building bridges between the community development sector and academia for over six years. She has collaborated on youth-focused and youth-led research and community work in a variety of settings including public service organizations, local and international NGOs, and interdisciplinary partnerships. As a first-generation immigrant from Colombia, Emilia has a personal interest in working with and advocating for newcomer youth. She is passionate about connecting with young people, listening to their stories and co-creating projects that have the potential to transform our society.




Community organizer, facilitator and artist, in the past 20 years, Pascale Brunet have been involved in the community sector and social movements in Quebec. She works on projects about collective care, anti-oppression and social Justice. The thread in her work : weaving the social fabric that keeps us together while holding space for difficult conversations.





If you have a request concerning general organizational development, accompaniment or training, you can drop them a line at services@coco-net.org!