Our 2018 ateliers/c workshop program begins soon!

Last year, we ran the first season of ateliers/c, a series of free workshops and discussions for community organizations tackling issues relevant to them. We were so so happy with how that went, and we are really excited to launch our second season. You can find all of the past workshops, and the materials we used in them, on our project page here.

Our Next Workshop: An Introduction to Complexity Theory

The first workshop for 2018-19, is September 21st, in the morning. We’ll be tackling the question of complexity in community organizations, and how thinking things are “simple” can get us into trouble.

While no one suggests simplicity is a good thing, we are surrounded by listicles given us 5 easy steps to simplify our life, our work, or our happiness. Yet, most of the time, we are working in complicated, complex, and chaotic situations. What approaches are appropriate?

In this participatory presentation, we will think through the (often deceptive) distinction between what is simple and what is not and explore appropriate lenses through which we can look at the issues that pop up in our everyday worklives. Finally, we will zero in on the realm of complexity so we can better equip ourselves to address complex issues, collaborate with other human beings, and work in service of a thriving future for all.

Cédric Jamet et Elizabeth Hunt from Alambic. Alambic harnesses the power of meetings to support individuals and organizations in revealing, building, and developing their capacity to name their own reality and to change their context.

How do I sign up?

The workshops are primarily meant for organizations funded by Centraide. If you are one of those, you can sign up through the emails you get directly from them. However, we have spots every session reserved for COCo members, and we want more of you to participate! If you are interested in this, or future workshops, email our program coordinator, Veronica, at veronicav@coco-net.org.