Concordia Community Solidarity Co-op Third Annual “Local Legends Reading Series”

This weekly event will be held at the Concordia Community Solidarity Co-op Bookstore, located at 2150 Bishop, and will feature all-new readings from local writers Sherwin Tjia of Conundrum Press Press, Daniel Allen Cox of Arsenal Pulp Press, Sophie Yanow and Julie Delporte of Colosse Comics Collective, Barry Webster of Arsenal Pulp Press, Rae Spoon of Arsenal Pulp Press, as well as a screening of What I Love About Being Queer, a short film by “not-so-local” artist and author Vivek Shraya.

This third edition of the popular weekly Local Legends Reading Series will span the month of October as part of the Co-op’s 10thAnniversary Shenanigans. As part of the series, Co-op will be host to Graphic Novel and Comics authors for this first time in its history, offering interactive and dynamic readings from Sherwin Tjia (You Are A Cat! Conundrum Press 2011; The Hipless Boy Conundrum Press 2009) and Sophie Yanow (In Situ [2011] and In Situ 2 [2012] Colosse Comic Collective) & Julie Delporte (Encore ça, Le dernier kilomètreColosse Comic Collective).

All featured authors are available for media inquiries.

Press Contact: Larissa Dutil | | 514-848-7445