QAHN Launches Project: The Identity of English-speaking Quebec in 100 Objects

What would the face of the English-speaking communities look like if 100 objects were collaged to create a portrait of it?  That is what the Quebec Anglophone Heritage Network (QAHN) and its partners are poised to find out. Museums, cultural organizations, heritage groups, individuals – all are invited to contribute photos and a description of one or more objects, documents, images or art works that represent a significant facet of English-speaking Quebec’s diverse culture and heritage.

From the submissions, a committee will select the 100 artefacts that best, together, portray the identity of Quebec’s English-speaking communities, past and present. This collective portrait will be displayed on a new website, QAHN plans to launch this website in March 2013, along with an accompanying DVD.

“The submission deadline is October 15. We are eager to receive submissions as soon as possible so we have time to build the website,” said Heather Darch. She and Rachel Garber are managing the project for QAHN.

The project is called “Significant Objects for Telling Identity (SOFTI): English-speaking Quebec through 100 Cultural Artefacts.” It is supported by the Department of Canadian Heritage.

“We are looking forward to receiving photos and stories about objects from many corners of Quebec,” said Matthew Farfan, QAHN’s executive director. “Our goal is to promote dialogue and encourage a cohesive sense of identity among the disparate English-speaking communities of Quebec.”

The DVDs will be distributed to libraries in Quebec and across Canada, to help foster greater understanding of the cultural, historical and artistic achievements of English-speaking Quebecers.

To obtain the submission criteria and form, please contact the project managers at, or Heather Darch at 450-248-3153 , or Rachel Garber at 819-200-4251 (after October 3). Contributors of artefacts that are selected will receive an honorarium of $250.